Completing your first
VAT return on time & with ease!
Starting January 1, 2018, the value-added tax applies in the UAE. Most local companies will face the need to submit VAT returns for the first time ever.
To help you wrestle the new tax regulations, First BIT will hold a free webinar that will get you ready for submitting your first UAE VAT return with the help of FirstBIT Accounting.
Free Webinar
Automated VAT accounting and VAT Return completion with FirstBIT Accounting
You will learn about:
• Understand the VAT tax-return filing format;
• Creation of tax invoices and tax credit notes in FirstBIT Accounting;
• Accounting for export & import transactions;
• Basic concepts of reporting of various supplies/acquisitions of each VAT return-line item;
•Potential VAT risk areas on specific business transactions, such as imports, reverse charge, and UAE reporting;
• Automated completion of VAT Returns in FirstBIT Accounting.
• Submitting VAT Return in the FTA portal;
• One automation success story: preparing and submitting the VAT Return for January 2018
• Q&A session.
Bring your questions and get answers from our experts!
25 April, 2018
11:00 Dubai time (UTC+04:00)
60 min
live stream
What is a "webinar" and what should you do to join it?
Webinar is a seminar hosted in real time on the web.

You can watch a live stream seminar from your office, a cafe, an airport, or any location with the Internet connection.
You can also ask questions in real time using the chat.
Who should attend?
Who is looking for software to simplify accounting and automate VAT
Accounts staff and financial managers
Business Owners
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FirstBIT Accounting helps you to complete
VAT returns and reporting in the UAE
Easy- to-use & Affordable Full-Cycle Accounting from Day One:

  • Comprehensive financial and tax accounting in one system;
  • Advanced bookkeeping and payroll functions;
  • Automatic VAT calculation;
  • One-click reporting;
  • Complete audit and tax compliance.

FirstBIT Accounting solution ensures you always have ready-to-use VAT features throughout the accounting cycle in compliance with any new VAT rates or regulations.

Local software tailored to and fully compliant with local UAE legislation
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